I have recently been fitted and had a set of clubs built for me by CJ Ebel, “The Golf Club Maestro”. I have owned custom built sets in the past, but nothing like CJ put together for me.  CJ’s attention to detail and knowledge of the golf swing was immediately apparent during the fitting process. Once I got the clubs in my hands, I could tell from the very first swing that I had something very different from what I had in the past.  Every club seemed to feel the same and were perfectly balanced.  I was amazed how easily I could feel where the club head was through the entire swing. I have been able to hit shots I was not capable of hitting in the past. CJ’s clubs have truly has been a game changer for me!

— March 2020

Mike Benson

Director of Golf

Crow Creek Golf Club


 I would recommend you give CJ Ebel a call – he’s the one off our locator about 30 miles from you.  I’ve known CJ personally for some time and he gets my support for his knowledge, experience and interest in really helping the golfers who choose to work with him.   I just happen to know him a little better than the others from over the years which adds into my recommendation for him.

Thanks again for your patience and your interest, TOM (Wishon)


 I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that dealing with CJ was everything you said and more.    His knowledge and his attention to detail is something not normally found in a local pro shop.   Heck not normally found anywhere!

He spent a ton of time with me and answered every dumb question I had without once trying to get me out the door and out of his hair.   

 I put an order in with him for a number of irons and I’m looking forward to following that up with some woods and possibly hybrids.

 Bottom line, you can send everyone there without ever worrying that it might come back to bite you on the butt.

 He is a pleasure to deal with.

Thanks so much for your help and input.

 Best regards,

John Lercari


CJ –  Thanks a ton for the golf club fitting….played today…first time since you re worked the ping g20 irons.  Loving it!  I bet they are five yards more consistent than before…feels good when a miss is just barely off the green and the darts just stay on line with the flag.

Aaron – Wilmington, NC July 2016


Hi CJ, You built me amazing golf clubs. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy them. I have only played once at Bald Head Island and shot an 81 and for me that is good. These irons hit true and solid and I have a lot more confidence in my game. Now, My Driver – WOW ! what a club- I never missed a fairway on my drive at Bald Head and I lost no distance and most likely gained some. The only tweak I might need is the 3 hybrid but I am not sure yet – I need to use play more with it. Thank you for you expertise – I know it has so far and will in the future help me enjoy the game more and to score better. You are the Greatest ! Have a great New Year – will stop by for a visit soon.

Regards, John Smith, Ocean Isle Beach, NC December 2014


CJ Just want to thank you for the wonderful job you did on my irons (Callaway Razors). I have a 29 handicap at my golf club and since I am 75 I play from the golds with a 26 handicap. The day I bought my golf clubs home from you I went to my driving range to test them out for a tournament the next day. The range was closed so I played 9 holes on our toughest course. For fun I played from the whites (29 handicap) and my drives were going further than what I hit from the golds! When I posted my score the computer said my score was out of my range. You made golf a fun game for me to play.

Many thanks. John Walsh, Calabash, NC October 2014


CJ, The 575s with your MOI set-up exceeded my expectations. I hit so many iron shots in the center of the face that felt ‘pured’…more than at the range. I hit two shots with my 4 iron…both off the fairway that traveled longer and straight with good trajectory; hit a solid, high five iron on a 165 par 3 uphill and into the wind and hit it hole high on the right fringe. I hit about every iron and had solid results. My swing sent a few high and left of where I wanted but all were on the green or fringe. I seemed to hit these clubs about ½ to a full club longer that my Adams golf clubs with less effort. Thanks for all your help,

Mike Morris, Ocean Isle Beach, NC June 2014


Hi CJ, I have wanted to let you know how happy I have been with the work your did on my Titleist AP1 golf clubs last summer. Now that my whole set has the same feel as my favorite (the 6 Iron), my ball striking has become much more consistent. I also don’t tend to shy away from any club in my bag any more because it felt more difficult to hit. In general I feel more confident and enjoy the game a lot more. Best of all, I broke 80 for the first time ever on Sept.4th last fall with a 77 playing with my usual bunch of late middle age cronies. I was 76 at the time. So now I’m looking forward to this season and shooting my age. Thanks again CJ for making the game more fun.

Bob Mantiply,  Wake Forest , NC


Dear Golf Club Maestro, Just wanted to let you know how extremely happy I am with the Balance Crafting you have done with my golf clubs. The balance and feel is a huge difference from where they were. I’ve never been a great iron player and would often go to a hybrid instead of a long iron. Not so anymore! Since you have worked your magic I love my irons… all of them. But what’s this got to do with anything? I’ll tell you… bottom line, my scores have dropped 4-5 strokes. What else is there to say? How about thanks! Keep up the good work.

Richard Jenkins, Jamestown, Colorado


The first 9 holes I played with the golf clubs, I shot 39, in the rain. The confidence to pull any iron out of the bag and expect to hit it well is priceless. I can’t say enough about the improved consistency top to bottom within my set. I would estimate the changes are worth 3-4 strokes per round. My scoring average for the 5 rounds before the club changes was around 88. The six rounds since have averaged about 84.

Jon Miyade, Denver, Colorado


………Most of the golf clubs in my bag were made by you. I couldn’t be more comfortable with them. The best test is that as I play, I simply don’t have to think about them. The right one comes to hand and I just play the shot. Once people know what you can do with club fitting, you will have more than you can do.

Kevin Bunnel, Boulder, Colorado


To learn the game of golf correctly, one must overcome their fears of failure and trust their natural abilities to hit the ball with a consistent swing. My problem is that I can’t control myself, I like to swing hard and fast and with my previous clubs I found it more and more difficult to make good solid contact with my irons. Fortunately, CJ came to the rescue and fitted me with a set of Tom Wishon clubs. CJ is a true maestro at matching the correct set for my playing style. My approach and short game has improved greatly. Every swing provides great contact, direction and trajectory. This has resulted in my golf buddies commenting, “Here he goes with those sneaky golf clubs again”. I am so thrilled with these clubs and the expert fitting and the best part is that I can still whack the ball knowing that the clubs will work as they are designed for my playing style. Thank YOU CJ !!!

Cameron Oaten, Jamestown, Colorado


CJ was able to build me a set of Wishon irons to spec. He is like a golf club scientist… Everything with these golf clubs just feels better – the weight, length, face angle, lie of club….Everything! The price is legit also – I paid less for a custom built set of Wishons’s built to the specs of my swing, for FAR less than the price of a factory set. Not to mention factory sets are rarely set up consistantly, so typically they have to be bent etc..I will vouch for Wishon forever!

CB, (Chace B.) 3/24/14 Raleigh, NC Wishon user since November 2013.