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Golf Club Maestro is a premier attraction for golfers in the Myrtle Beach area who would like to improve their game.  At Golf Club Maestro,  golfers receive individual attention and help for all aspects that need improvement.

Common club fittings using a golf simulator is a great first step towards an ideal set of golf clubs. Golfers can find out which shaft is appropriate and hopefully get the correct length and lie angle for the club heads they choose.  However, off the rack clubs are not balanced properly.  Industry clubs only balance the club from the club head end which gives the illusion of swing weight balance.

BALANCE CRAFTING a set of golf clubs provides more consistency and ease for the golfer and a much improved experience. So, what Is BALANCE CRAFTING? It is a unique methodology that I have created during my 25+ years of experience in club building and teaching. I have successfully helped hundreds of golfers and built thousands of golf clubs perfecting a formula for set building and balancing that WORKS !  Each BALANCED CRAFTED club feels and performs alike and makes the game more enjoyable for the individual golfer. Proper balancing of clubs require precision and a focus on how each component (Club Head, Shaft, Grip) are weighed, measured, and installed throughout the golf club set.




The Golf Club Maestro BALANCE CRAFTED system of testing and of building Golf Club Sets goes FAR beyond the industry standards for “Pro Line” retail sets, and the basics of Custom Club Making. This method is a revolutionary approach using an optimal system of precision measurements, and weight distributions for golf club sets that allow golf clubs to be swung with the same effort and timing for all clubs within the set. Golf clubs that are “BALANCE CRAFTED” perform better, club to club.  Golfers can develop their game and swing much more effectively and shoot better scores!


O.E.M vs Golf Club Maestro
Golf Club Maestro vs O.E.M Build (off the rack) and typical custom clubs

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